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We are an established North West firm with an employment department highly experienced in advising and representing clients in relation to employment law issues.

Our representatives have dealt with all manner of claims from straightforward unpaid wages claims to complex and high-value discrimination cases.

Our experience covers:

  • All types of unfair dismissal claim including redundancy, misconduct, capability, constructive dismissal, forced resignations, ambiguous or ‘heat of the moment’ resignations.
  • Whistleblowing
  • Maternity, pregnancy, flexible working and dependent leave claims;
  • Sex, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation and age discrimination claims;
  • Claims for redundancy payments;
  • Claims for unpaid wages and other breaches of contract;
  • Claims relating to TUPE;
  • Advising on and negotiating compromise agreements;
  • Advising on and negotiating restrictive covenants and defending High Court injunction claims against employees;
  • Cases to determine employment status.

We have represented clients in bringing and winning claims against some of the largest national and international companies as well as some of the smallest. We have conducted cases whose hearings range from one hour to eleven days and which involve multiple parties.

Very often we can advise straight away if you have a claim that could succeed at the employment tribunal and, if not, we are able to explain why that is the case. We aim to provide you with all the information you require that ensures you understand the law that applies to your situation.

If you believe that you have a claim that could be made to an employment tribunal, you should contact one of our solicitors immediately on 0800 505 3707 for a free telephone consultation. Alternatively, complete one of our claim evaluator forms.